After this first day of competition what is your feeling? what do you think of this first day?

 After the first day of competition what is your feeling? We are extremely Happy for this first historic day in the sport of Finswimming globally and nationally, because the people came and believed in this project, I am very proud of my team (Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Staff) we worked hard to see big smiles in all the teams that participated and make this a successful event.  We are equally proud of each delegation, coaches, athletes and families for their commitment to the sport. I hope that the global CMAS Finswimming family believe in this great project and in the Finswimming modality in USA. I want to give my sincere acknowledgement to all the teams participating, special thanks and our eternal gratitude for their participation, their commitment and effort to come to USA, they kindly responded to our invitation!!!!!.

The City of Coral Spring/Broward county (Hello Sunny) and their positive response and collaboration facilitating and adopting us to make this World cup a reality is prove of the greatness of the USA and the bright future of this modality in America.

In a few words, Finswimming is here to stay!

 The first day was amazing, many finswimmers, good times, nice races, great performances, lots of volunteers helping and assisting in their individual tasks and all the people happy, is unbelievable but now a reality that this is the first time in USA that a world cup is held in American soil.  All possible because CMAS and the City of Coral Spring/Broward County (Hello Sunny) believed in this project.

A big dream of the CMAS worldwide community made a reality.

Do you think that this competition will have impact for Finswimming in USA and what is the impact that you want for Finswimming after this competition?

We have raised awareness in the community nationally, we are getting more inquiries about the sport every day. The USA team is now conformed by athletes of at least five major cities in the USA and they are winning medals for their country. USA should become a Super Power in the Fin Swimming modality.

 What are the two or three elements that you consider important and that you retain this first day?

TEAM WORK in the organization of the event with a solid group of clubs, athletes, volunteers and members of the Coral Springs/ Broward county (Hello Sunny) willing to go above and beyond to succeed in this event,

Excellent ORGANIZATION of the schedule with synchronicity in each and every step of the competition program.

COMMITMENT of the athletes, clubs,  the City of Coral Springs/ Broward county (Hello Sunny), volunteers, teams and families to make this event a great success.

 The Teams and pool

The Staff. we are a team and work like a family.

Source: CMAS